Unlockd Pay Per Results PR Add-ons Rules

Here are our rules for working together. They make sure you’re happy, we’re happy and we are able to continue making more and more small businesses happy.

Unfortunately, if you break them, we’ll remove you from our service and you’ll lose the opportunity to work with us again.

Understand who we are – we are Unlockd Marketing Ltd, company no. 13597415, registered office: 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE.

Be respectful – needless to say, but it’s nice to be nice. We’ll be sweet as candy to you and expect the same from you towards our influencers, journalists and us. 

Don’t bug our mates – we’ve worked hard to build meaningful connections with journalists and influencers. Please don’t approach our contacts directly. If they contact you, refer them to us so we can make sure things go smoothly.

⦁ Let us promote the results – we’ll share details of our our collaboration on our website, socials and other marketing channels (this includes using your logo and any images supplied).

⦁ Understand how we charge for press releases – we charge per press release written up & sent out. 

⦁ Understand how we charge for press releases, influencers, competitions and events – once you decide to go ahead and are charged (including partial payments), we unfortunately can’t offer a refund.

⦁ Press from press releases – unfortunately we can’t guarantee press (in any time frame) and we can’t provide a list of journalists who have received the press release (but can give you a flavour of the publications). 

⦁ Unpaid bills – if you have an unpaid bill after 7-days (even if you have made a partial payment) we won’t be able to provide the service and you’ll lose any partial payments you made. 

 Events attendees – we can guarantee who will be invited to our events, but we can’t guarantee attendance (only God can do that).

 Events cancellation – in the unusual case that an event is cancelled, we’ll announce a new date within 30-days and you’ll be offered like-for-like (as much as possible). 

Dispute – if you file an unsuccessful chargeback, we’ll charge you a £50 admin fee.