Unlockd Free Press Requests for small businesses & startups

Thought PR would cost you tons of cash? Think again.

We’ll fill your inbox with tons of opportunities for your brand to be featured in the press – if one takes your fancy, let us know and we’ll pitch you.

The best part? It’s FREE. 

What type of press requests will I get?

Press requests are requests coming in from our journalist mates (they are also called journalist or journo requests.

It could be journalists looking for expert comments, tips or tricks, insight; news stories and case studies; or products / services to review or feature.

How do you know what to send to me?

When you sign up, you’ll tell us which topics you’re an expert on (such as beauty, fitness or nutrition), you’ll tell us which categories your product(s) / service(s) come under and you’ll tell us where you are located.

You can also tell us if you want us to also pitch you opportunities to feature in influencer socials too.

Lastly, you can tell us if you’ll also like us to send you press requests via text (for small business owners on the go).

Which type of publications do you work with?

We work with all the big boys – both here and in the US. From the Metro and The Times, to Grazia and Glamour Magazine; to HR Grapevine and Fintech publications. 

Why is it FREE?

  • We have more press requests coming in than you can shake a stick at (and we need help!)
  • Small businesses have enough bills –  as a small business ourselves we’re keen to help
  • Big brands (with their big budgets) dominate the press … not anymore!
  • We make our money from our retainer offering and sometimes businesses who join up for our free press requests decide that the retainer model is more for them (and that helps us – and them!)
  • It upsets PR agencies – and that’s always fun! 

If you’re desperate to pay something, you could always buy a press release or send us a gift!

What's the alternative?

There are other services out there for press requests: 

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) – it’s U.S. based, so not terribly useful for UK businesses and it’s a free daily newsletter (so most of the opportunities are gone by the time you get it). You can pay for instant requests – it’s $19 – 149/month.

You could also trawl Twitter for the notorious hashtags #Journorequest or #Journalistrequest and fight off the hordes of other press request hunters.

In both instances, you’ll have to trust that what you’re submitting is useful to the journalist (which can be daunting).

Or you can let us do all the work … for FREE.

We’ll come to you (via email and text) with relevant opportunities and we’ll guide you with the right responses.

We’ll also keep an eye out for published pieces.

Oh and did we mention, it’s FREE…?

P.S. alongside the realms of press requests that come into us directly (via our journalist mates), we also use software and other subscriptions, as well as trawling Twitter ourselves – so there’s very few UK press requests we don’t get. 

Sounds great! What's the process?

1. Sign up

Click on sign up and fill in the sign up form.

2. Keep an eye out

You''ll start getting press requests start to your inbox (and your phone, if you asked for text messages). Not keen? Hit that delete button and wait for the next email (there’ll be plenty more!).

3. Ask us to pitch you

See a press request you like the look of? Reply with any details we asked for (your comments / interview availability / products or services you'd like to put forward for a review, feature or line-up etc).

4. We'll let you know when (if) the piece is published

As soon as the piece is published, we'll let you know (we'll also let you know if the piece is published without featuring you).

What if I want a little more?

Some free PR advice

At any time you can book in a call with one of our team for PR guidance and support - we are only too happy to help!

Influencer endorsements

What to see what a difference an influencer endorsement or two will do for you brand? We'll let you know of any opportunities (some are as little as £25/each).

PR events

Attend a fancy PR event or even sponsor it (from red carpet affairs to influencer brunches)...

Writing up & sending out a press release

For £149 (inc. VAT) we can write up and send out a press release for you. Maybe you have a new product or service you want to shout about? Or maybe you have an interesting news story? Book in a free chat with one of our writers and if you decide to go ahead we'll charge you and get writing!

Product giveaways in top tier publications

Have a product(s) you want to get into top tier publications? A giveaway could be just the ticket…just £149 (inc. VAT)

I want to sign up! (Then click below & let's get you started)!

Chat with us

Book in chat below – we’d love to have a natter!