PR key rules

Having secured 1,000s of press articles, here’s some tips from our founders on how to approach getting PR for your small business or startup:

No-one cares

Tough but true. Journalists don’t give a fig about you or your business. Unless you’re a big brand or a big celeb – you’re just not on their radar. 

Your Facebook friends might think you’re great – and your mum tells you you’re a star but check your ego at the door. 

Give to get

Understand your relationship with the press – it’s an exchange.

They want content (news stories, insight, comments, tips and tricks and sometimes free stuff) and you want exposure for your business. 

You have to give to get. Start from the place of “what can I give them” – in return, you’ll get the exposure you’ll looking for. 

PR is a journey not a destination

One article does not a PR strategy make. Sure, one big feature might help sales for a while, or help you bag that big investor, but in all probability it probably won’t.

Understand that you have to work out what the press are looking for and offer it – regardless of what’s in it for you initially. It might start with offering expert comments or asking smaller publications if they’d like to review your product or service. 

Overtime, as your brand becomes getting known and your journalist relationships develop, you’ll be in a better position to secure those big pieces (and more regularly).

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