Unlockd Pay Per Press Release for small businesses & startups

Have something you want to share with the world?

An interesting personal story?

A new business, product or service?

We can help get the word out – and all for just £149 (inc. VAT).

Press releases are FREE to our Golden & Silver Key holders (Retainer model), so you won’t need this service.

But you also don’t need to be on the Free Press Requests model either – just get in touch.

Which type of publications do you work with?

We work with all the big boys – both here and in the US. From the Metro and The Times, to Grazia and Glamour Magazine; to HR Grapevine and Fintech publications. 

Can you guarantee my press release will get press?

No, only editors, publishers & God can promise that – but we wouldn’t send out a press release to our contacts if we didn’t think it would be well-received.

Our success rate speaks for itself AND if a press release doesn’t generate interest in a week or so, we will work with you (for free) on revisions that might work better. 

We want those column inches for you! 

How else could I get a press release about my business 'out there'?

There are companies like Cision’s ‘PR Newswire’ – generally there’s a fee to send out a press release (usually £300-£1,000) or an annual membership.

Typically you’ll need to write the press release yourself or some will do it for you for a few hundred quid.  

Or you could write up a press release yourself and research a list of journalists to send it too. 

Still, you’ll have to manage any questions, interviews or reviews yourself (which can be a pain). 

We think that getting us to handle it all for you for just £124+VAT is much better! 

I'm keen - any examples?

We bagged 1,700 articles last year., so here’s just a few recent examples (we could be featuring you next):

Example 1: Product feature

Jim & Tonic asked us to write a press release for their new product launch – a Skyrim-inspired absinthe.

Just 24 hours after the release was pitched, coverage was secured in GamingBible (LadBible group) and 2 other top gaming publications.

Example 2: Personal story for national media

Josh Wood wanted exposure for his new social community app Bloc, so he booked in a chat with us to brainstorm ideas for a press release.

He told us a personal story about how he had 300 tinder matches but didn’t have any successful dates. We knew this would be loved by national press and we were right!

Days later and we secured 4 top tier articles secured for Josh – all featuring the business (with links!)

Check out the articles here:

Example 3: Business story for local media

22 year old founder of eGrowth Media, Joe Taylor, told us his story about starting his business during lockdown and growing it to a 6 figure size.

We knew local press would love this story, so we had an interview with Joe and put it into a press release.

A few days later, Joe was featured in YorkshireLive and 3 other local media outlets with articles that were 100% about him and his business!

Sounds great! What's the process?

1. Book in a chat

Click on the phone and book in a chat.

2. Talk to the writer

If we think we can help - you'll book in a chat with Alife, our top-notch writer and discuss angles and options (such as which type of publications / journalists would be keen).

3. Happy to go ahead? We'll send a bill

We'll email you a link to add your preferred card to take payment and we'll bill you the princely sum of £149 (inc. VAT).

4.We'll create an account for you

You'll get your very own Monday.com board (available on browser and phone app) where you'll upload any images or information we need from you. We'll also use your board to chat to you and update you.

5. We'll get writing & within 5 working days will have a draft for you

Alfie will be getting his head down.

6.We'll ask you for approval / any edits

We'll add your draft to your Monday.com board for your thoughts and approval.

7. Once you're happy, we'll send it out

We'll press that button and send out to relevant press contacts of ours.

8. Aftermath...

We'll let you know if your article is published and/or if there's any interest (and we'll will help you manage any requests that come in). Journalists might have questions, want further comments or they might want to interview you. If your press release is about your products or services, journalists might want tot review them or feature them too. We'll keep you in the loop via your Monday.com board If nothing concrete comes from your press release, after about a week, we'll get in contact with you and explore other options. We might tweak the release (a new headline or images, or maybe a new angle). We'll then resend out. We can't make promises, but if we believe in a press release / story - we'll try and find it a home!

It all starts with a chat ...

Book in chat below – let’s see if we can help!